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Easter Baozi Pre-order (minimum 4 pieces)

One-day only offer on Good Friday. Please pre-pay your order. (4 piece -$7.50, 8 piece - $13.50, 12 piece - $19.5)

Easter Baozi Pre-order
from 7.50

Please join us to celebrate 2019 Easter by having some Easter Baozi. Freshly made organic Baozi. Good Friday only (4/19/19). We are offering four types of Baozi with four natural colorings.

Minimum order: 4 Baozi.

Two combinations can be ordered online: all 4 of the same type, or a selection of 1 of each type.

If you are having trouble ordering online, you can contact us at the cafe to place your order by phone: 904-379-1291.

  1. Chicken Baozi — Stuffing: chicken, mush-room, and green onion ( original color)

  2. Tofu Baozi — Stuffing: tofu, mush-room, kale, and green onion (green from spinach powder)

  3. Veggie Baozi — Stuffing: carrots, cabbage, mush-room, and green onion (purple from beets)

  4. Potato Baozi — Stuffing: potato, green pepper, onion, and green onion (yellow from turmeric)

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