Vegan Dinner Adventure at House of Leaf and Bean

Join us for a Gluten-Free & Vegan Eating Adventure!

When: Friday, January 25, 2019

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

house of leaf and bean

Eat one healthy meal each day and change the universe”!        

House of Leaf and Bean is spreading the word about organic and plant-based eating, one housemade brick of tofu at a time. Owner Wen Raiti believes in the mission of creating and serving good-for-you food because she changed her own life by changing her eating habits. Not only is House of Leaf and Bean completely organic, but they are environmentally conscious in their methods of reducing waste as well. Good for you food, good for the planet policies and processes, oh and the food is delicious, too! We are lucky to have House of Leaf and Bean leading the way for restaurants in our community.

House of Leaf and Bean has created a special menu just for us and will be demonstrating a traditional Chinese tea ceremony! You won’t want to miss this yummy night. Not only is this event vegan, but it just so happens to be gluten free as well!


Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

First Course
Vegan Sushi: cucumber, cilantro, lettuce, avocado with gluten free ginger sauce

Second Course
Vegan Pizza Bites: Sicilian style with veggies and cheese on thin tofu crust

Third Course
Golden Soup: a creamy blended soup of zesty garden vegetables

Fourth Course
Curry Tofu: pan fried tofu square topped with curry sauce, served over a fresh green salad

Fifth Course
Chili Over Rice: House of Leaf and Bean’s special recipe from the Jax Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook Off, served over organic rice

Sixth Course
Dessert: Avocado Chocolate Mousse: vegan and gluten free with seasonal berries

Price: $39