The Power of Sustainable Eating

Sustainable Living

Healthy Body, Healthy Earth

Could what you have for dinner save the planet? The short answer is yes.

Sustainable Living Vegan Diet

While plant-based diets are often associated with wellness for your body, eating your greens can actually help the health of our planet as well.

The food production industry has a massively negative impact on the environment. As the main user of fresh water and a leading driver of deforestation, food production is credited for a large portion of greenhouse-gas emissions and biodiversity loss.

POP QUIZ: Which sector of the food industry leaves the biggest environmental footprint?

You guessed it: The Meat Industry.



Sustainable Living Veganism

Before meat makes its way to grocery stores and on to kitchen tables, the animals need to be raised. Raising livestock for food requires massive amounts of land. In fact, livestock systems currently occupy 45% of the Earth’s global surface area.

This occupancy caused a staggering 91% of all Amazon rain forest destruction. To put that in perspective, one to two acres of rain forest are cleared nearly every second to make room for cattle raising. As a vital part of the world’s ecosystem, losing rain forest has lasting effects on the environment.

Often called the “lungs” of our planet, the rain forest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen, 10% of the world’s biodiversity and 15% of its fresh water within its borders.

Clearing huge areas of trees removes nutrients from the soil, causing it to weaken and erode. Deforestation completely disrupts and often depletes wildlife habitat. In turn, it also accelerates climate change and can lead to species extinction.

By 2050, the world population is projected to be 10 billion people. That’s over 2 billion more people than we have now! Currently, a large portion of food grown in the world isn’t being eaten by humans. Instead, 70% of grain grown in the US feeds livestock. Further, it’s estimated that 700 million tons of food that could be consumed by humans goes to livestock each year.

With all the deforestation, over fishing and pollution caused by meat and fish industries, the Earth’s capacity to grow food is shrinking. There's simply not enough land on the planet to raise enough meat to feed everyone.



Sustainable Living

Going vegan doesn’t have to be a daunting task! There are plenty of delicious meals and healthy resources to make the switch easy.

Vegan Friendly Dining

Thanks to the growing popularity of veganism, it is now easier than ever to find vegan friendly dining in most cities.

According to GlobalData, the number of U.S. consumers identifying as vegan grew 600% from 2014 to 2017. Other data revealed increased interest in plant-based foods by consumers who don’t consider themselves vegetarian or vegan.

Eating sustainable, organic foods mean no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This in turn reduces contaminated water runoff from farms into our waterways, which helps keep our water clean and our Earth healthy.

Are you local to North Florida? House of Leaf & Bean offers healthy vegan foods packed with flavor. We make extensive use of nutritious plant-based proteins to help reduce our carbon foot-print on the planet, so you can feel good about your order.

At House of Leaf & Bean we are always looking for new ways to help the environment. In fact, this Earth Day House of Leaf & Bean was able to raise $200 to go directly to the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol – enough to fund 5 nest adoptions!

Bring Vegan Meals Home

Take the taste and health benefits of Leaf & Bean home with you! We have many items to take home and enjoy whenever you wish, such as: 

  • Organic, homemade raw tofu

  • Frozen dumplings

  • Frozen tofu crusts for pizza and wraps

  • Vegan coconut bacon

  • More coming soon!

Join House of Leaf & Bean’s “Meals that Heal”

We are thrilled to introduce our new healthy meal program, designed for individuals looking for convenient ways to eat green.

Leaf & Bean is working with Heather Borders at the Kailo Nutrition to design one meal per day directly from our fresh, organic prepared foods.

During the past 8 weeks, our first wave of Meals that Heal participants have successfully lost unhealthy weight and noticed a considerable improvement in their overall wellness.

Please let us know if you or a loved one is interested in a future program!


Live Sustainably

Not ready to make the switch to vegan? You can still help protect our planet! Start by ditching everyday plastics for more sustainable alternatives. Start small by purchasing a reusable straw. Did you know one reusable straw is estimated to replace 540 disposable plastic straws in a year? Pick up a glass Ridley Straw at House of Leaf & Bean, where we sell them on-site!