Meals that Heal: Real Food, Real Changes

How Eating Real Food Can Change Your Life

meals that heal

We just wrapped up our pilot program for Meals that Heal, and are excited to share the results with you! A healthy meal program designed for individuals looking for convenient ways to eat green and feel great, Meals that Heal was developed by Wen Raiti, owner of Leaf & Bean, and Heather Borders at Kailo Nutrition.

Join us for a full informative session with Heather and Wen on Monday, June 17 from 6-8 p.m. at House of Leaf & Bean, and enjoy complimentary organic snacks and tea. Read on to get a first person point of view from Karen Anderson, a Jax local that just finished the Meals that Heal Pilot Program, and get her take on what worked for her and what results she experienced.

What inspired you to try out Meals that Heal? 

meals that heal

“ I wanted to make some change in my lifestyle and I knew improving my eating habits would be a big part of that change. I knew Wen and she was always so positive and encouraging, so when she told me about Meals that Heal I thought it would be very helpful. And it was! I was vegetarian already so this was an easy step for me.”


What goals did you have going into the program? 

“My first goal was to lower my blood sugar (I'm Type 2) by being more consistent and healthy with my eating. Also, I wanted to eliminate dairy from my diet. I felt if I could accomplish those things, weight loss would happen, which was also the goal.”


Did you experience any challenges along the way?

“There were challenges, but the support of Wen and Heather was very helpful. Their suggestions, information and availability were great. Rethinking and changing basic food choices was a challenge initially, but it became easier. It's a way of life for me now.”

What kind of changes did you experience during the program, and how has the program influenced your current lifestyle?

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“Lifestyle changes continue to be fine-tuned. Planning my meals for when I'm home and traveling has been huge. Also, becoming more active (I have some limits with a knee problem). I achieved my goal of removing dairy from my diet almost completely – an occasional cheese happens! I plan to continue with the "Meals that Heal" program.”


Who would you recommend the program to? 

“If someone wants to learn more about how what we eat affects how we feel and how healthy we can become, this is a great program. It provides prepared meals that are delicious and healthy for 1 meal a day- and you learn how to prepare more plant-based recipes. Also, learning why organic foods are the best choice will make a positive difference.”

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Digging into the Details: What’s Included?

Prepared Meals

Participants receive one healthy and delicious meal per day for 90 days directly from our fresh, organic prepared foods. These are low-calorie dense and made with minimal oil, as well as 100% plant-based.

Nutrition Counseling

A nutrition assessment will begin your Meals that Heal journey, and will continue with 5 follow-ups to keep you accountable and on-track to meet your goals.

Group Workshops

Group sessions will provide support and education to participants that are on the same health journey. From grocery shopping trips, to label reading, along with recipes to prepare delicious meals at home, this is your in-person support network.

Online Support

Support is also offered through (HIPPA compliant) text messaging, online recipes, and how-to videos.

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(Or, please let us know if you or a loved one is interested in a future program!)