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Vegan Pizza From the Earth, Now Available in Jacksonville

Our tofu pizza crust gives you the freedom to enjoy the traditional taste and enjoyment that comes with the comfort food of pizza, without any of the guilt! Created to replicate New York style pizza, our crust is thin and seasoned to perfection, so with every crispy bite, you would never know that it was good for you. 

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Worried About an Aging Parent’s Health? Here’s How to Bring It Up

We all want our parents to age well in good physical and mental health. After all, healthy parents are around to watch us graduate and get married, bond with grandkids, and celebrate family holidays for years to come.

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness During Retirement

Staying healthy is key to staying in control of your life as a senior. Achieving good health, however, can often be trickier than it seems. There are many conflicting facts and confusing fads to sort through, but often the simplest advice, like the tips below, can have the greatest impact on your health and allow you to age better, live longer and feel happier.

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