Leaf & Bean Success Story

Love Yourself in 2019 with Transformative Foods

Chelsea’s Transformational Story

“I was 150 pounds in January of 2018. I was eating regular fast food, a non-disciplined diet. I “considered” myself healthy because I was an athlete and I exercised regularly. After awhile, my stomach and body felt helpless and depleted. I need nutrients and the diet I was used to just wasn’t providing me with enough.”

“I switched to a plant based diet soon thereafter, and my journey speaks for itself. I no longer crave candy, soda, or any processed foods. In fact, vegetables and whole, organic meals and ingredients are the only things I crave nowadays. Once you treat your body well, it conditions itself to only have those foods, the foods that truly fulfill you and your nutritional needs.”

“I would recommend going plant based to anyone who is interested in bettering their mind and body to work together for good. As long I was an athlete, I could never lose that extra weight. As soon as I implemented this new diet, all of my problems were solved and my fat dissipated without exercise; it was all in the diet. Go green go organic!!!”

Before pictures: 1/7/18 after pictures: 1/24/19