Vegan Pizza From the Earth, Now Available in Jacksonville

vegan tofu pizza

Delicious Vegan Options for Jacksonville Pizza Lovers

After perfecting our recipe over time, we can ensure that what you’re putting in your body is free from preservatives, additives and simply fresh. Our tofu pizza crust is all-natural and made in-house, beginning with certified organic non-GMO soybeans that are ground, cooked and prepared with calcium and nigari (magnesium derived from seawater) and finally pressed into fresh cakes. Our tofu is not synthetically engineered and is prepared locally for your enjoyment. Our crust is made out of only our home-made organic tofu, a touch of seasoning, and nothing else, making it perfect for those pizza lovers who are gluten-free, keto, or diabetic. In addition to its many health benefits, our tofu pizza crust gives you the freedom to enjoy the traditional taste and enjoyment that comes with the comfort food of pizza, without any of the guilt! Created to replicate New York-style pizza, our crust is thin and seasoned to perfection, so with every crispy bite, you would never know that it was good for you.


Our Process

The Tofu

First, we soak the raw soybeans overnight and then mill them with a constant stream of water to create natural soy milk. We pasteurize the soy milk and then add a combination of calcium and magnesium and let it set. This process creates the soy curds, which we then ladle into presses which squeeze out the water and help to form our fresh tofu cakes. Our tofu is pure, with no added preservatives, made only with non-GMO soybeans, water, magnesium (extracted from seawater), and calcium sulfate. 

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The Crust

After our tofu is made, creating the crust is simple. We slice the 11x11 sized cakes into thin 9x9” crusts (about 1/8 inches thick), season each side and lightly pan-fry them so that they’re ready to be baked. That’s it. 


Why Tofu? 

Tofu is known as the original vegan meat; it provides a high source of protein while also being low-carb and low-sugar making it a great option for those who are gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, or on a keto diet plan. Compared to other low-carb options on the market, such as cauliflower pizza, our crust doesn’t require any additional additives for binding such as egg, or cheese, making it a true vegan pizza. Our tofu-crust is also firmer, passing the essential “two-finger” test, meaning it won’t fall apart as you’re eating it. Our tofu provides a good source of protein, fiber, calcium, and essential vitamins and minerals so that with each bite, you know you’re getting everything that you need. 

For more information on the health benefits of tofu, click here


How To Order

Our vegan pizza is made with our tofu-crust and then paired with fresh-made tomato sauce, organic veggies including onions, mushrooms, green peppers and then topped with dairy-free Daiya cheese. You can also purchase plain tofu crusts to take home and create a personal pizza to your liking! Just freeze the crusts until you’re ready to use them. 

Vegan Tofu PIzza

Ways To Enjoy

Because our crust is made out of tofu, and nothing else, they’re easily adaptable for you to enjoy various ways. Due to its square-shape and thin structure, our crust is not only good for pizza, but can also be used as a low-carb chip option for appetizers, or even as a taco shell. 

Pick-Up Our House-Made All Organic Tofu Pizza Crust!

Please call to order or drive-through to pick up.  

$7.99 for two crusts, $14.99 for four crusts. 

Or come and enjoy a large 9x9” vegan pizza in-house for $26.99

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