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We are excited to share the continued success of Meals that Heal. A healthy meal program designed for individuals looking for convenient ways to eat green and feel great, Meals that Heal was developed by Wen Raiti, owner of Leaf & Bean, and Heather Borders at Kailo Nutrition.

Meals that Heal truly emphasizes the incredible healing powers of clean, wholesome food. We sat down with Lynne Smith, a Jacksonville local, to learn about her experience with Meals that Heal. She started the program in an effort to control the uncomfortable symptoms associated with her autoimmune disorder. Read on to get her take on what worked for her and what results she has experienced.

What inspired you to try out Meals that Heal? 

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“I had attended a seminar about foods that help with inflammation and autoimmunity. I was unable to attend the first session due to volunteering at summer camp. So, as soon as second session became available, I signed up. I have rare autoimmune called CREST syndrome, as well as symptomatic Lupus. I have a lot of inflammation and GI issues, so I wanted to try to heal from the inside out.”


What goals did you have going into the program? 

“I really wanted to get my inflammation under control, lose weight and get off some of my medications. I wanted to eat clean and learn about foods that help heal. Being a breast cancer survivor, I am in high hopes for the cancer not to come back.”


Did you experience any challenges along the way?

“The distance I drive to pick up the meals has been a challenge, but my husband has really been a blessing in helping me out. Also, preparing meals for family that include some meat has been tempting, but so far, we have not given in to that temptation. Finding restaurants that serve vegan can be difficult when I need to get something on the run. Living on the west side of town, there are not a lot grocery stores that sell vegan, clean non-GMO foods.”

What kind of changes did you experience during the program, and how has the program influenced your current lifestyle?

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“I have noticed less cravings for sweets and have lost a few pounds, which I am excited about. I am more regular than before and have a lot less GI issues. I am also adventuring with new recipes I never would have tried in the past, which in turn helps my family branch out and try new foods.”


Who would you recommend the program to? 

“Anyone who has an autoimmune or GI issues. It really has helped with flare ups for both, I feel better and have more energy. I love learning new things and trying new foods. I have even started drinking hot teas and cut down quite a bit on coffee.”

anything you’d like to add? 

“You really have to desire to heal yourself and have a good support system at home. I love the support of the group and the food has been awesome. Thank you for helping me learn and heal.”

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Digging into the Details: What’s Included?

Prepared Meals

Participants receive one healthy and delicious meal per day for 90 days directly from our fresh, organic prepared foods. These are low-calorie dense and made with minimal oil, as well as 100% plant-based.

Nutrition Counseling

A nutrition assessment will begin your Meals that Heal journey, and will continue with 5 follow-ups to keep you accountable and on-track to meet your goals.

Group Workshops

Group sessions will provide support and education to participants that are on the same health journey. From grocery shopping trips, to label reading, along with recipes to prepare delicious meals at home, this is your in-person support network.

Online Support

Support is also offered through (HIPPA compliant) text messaging, online recipes, and how-to videos.

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