Nourishing the Community and Planet

House of Leaf & Bean Celebrates Earth Day and Exceptional Service

Earth Day Jacksonville FRLA

Earth Day is just around the corner, giving House of Leaf and Bean cause for celebration in this beautiful month of April. Every day, our goal to provide a quality dining experience parallels our mission to take care of this Earth we call home. Our unique menu, rooted in plant-based proteins, is committed to using fresh organic ingredients to help reduce our carbon foot-print on the planet.

Our dedication to health includes our promise to nourish a peaceful community space. We strive to provide a unique culture and culinary experience that educates the mind and lifts the spirit. It’s only natural that a space with positive and wholesome meals attracts individuals who are kindhearted and hardworking – individuals like Andrea Paphites.

An integral part of House of Leaf and Bean, Andrea is our cafe’s shift lead who never fails to go above and beyond. She always strives for excellence and humility in her position, leading her to receive a Rose Award from FRLA for Best Server this past February. ROSE (Recognition of Service Excellence) Awards recognize Northeast Florida front-line hospitality employees who demonstrate exceptional customer service. We sat down with Andrea to learn about her values, inspirations and what led to her service-industry success.

Congratulations on winning the 2019 Rose Award! Can you briefly describe the journey that led you to into this notable award?

My journey that led me to this award was my upbringing. My parents were always very good about teaching me how to be a leader and to treat everyone with respect no matter the situation. I've grown up on sports teams since I can remember and the leadership skills I was blessed to acquire were insurmountable to my growth as a woman in the service industry. I’m lucky to have the family and opportunities I've been presented and given the chance to make the best of any position I was in. So in short, I attribute my parents to my success in winning such an award. 

What first inspired you to create changes in your life to lead you where you are now? 

My inspiration throughout my entire life has been to be better than I was the day before. With that being said I work on my patience, persistence, determination and work ethic constantly. It takes a sense of humanity and being humble to be good within the service industry so I strive to always work on those characteristics to elevate any job that I am faced with. 

What was your greatest challenge you faced on your journey to health?

My health journey began with a New Years resolution that surprisingly lasted past February of 2017. I chose to become a vegetarian cold turkey January 1st 2017 and since then I transitioned to veganism after six months and continued that journey to this day. I now see changes in my body, skin, energy and overall health. 

What keeps you motivated? 

What keeps me motivated is my family, my boyfriend and my constant anticipation of growing progress in setting the bar higher for myself constantly to achieve new and exciting goals. 

Any final thoughts or advice for our readers?

Do all of the little things (even the unexpected and unasked) and those things will lead to bigger trust in greater responsibility and growth within whatever facet you choose to excel.