Detox Smart with Organic Teas

Time to Teatox: Meet a New You this New Year

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It is no secret that a steaming cup of herbal tea with lemon can soothe a sore throat. Meanwhile, a smooth glass of iced tea can pair perfectly with a sunny day. However, the benefits of tea reach far beyond refreshment alone. In search of improved health and happiness in 2019? We recommend you start your New Year’s Resolutions at the teapot.

Meet the camellia sinensis- the plant where all non-herbal teas originate. Depending on where the leaves are grown, the harvest season, and how the leaves are prepared and processed results in white, green, black or oolong tea. In all its forms, this single plant can bring increased mental and physical health into your new year.

Green and white tea are the least processed versions of camellia sinensis, causing them to retain the highest amount of antioxidants. For thousands of years, people have sipped on tea for its health benefits. The introduction of antioxidants into your system helps balance the presence of free radicals in the body. This gives your immune system a boost it will thank you for!

Along with an aid in immunity, a cup of tea in the morning can improve mental alertness for the day. With about 25-50 percent the caffeine content of a cup of coffee, tea will politely wake up your brain without the caffeine jitters and sugar crash of a mocha latte. Steep some morning energy in your cup and prepare to knock out that New Year’s to-do list.

Together, the combination of antioxidants and caffeine has lead researchers to believe tea can aid in weight loss. As a bonus, tea is also a tasty way to stay hydrated and boost energy before or after a workout.

Staying healthy, focused and active can all lead to a higher quality of life. Perhaps that’s why tea has been associated with a decreased risk of depression. A 2015 analysis of 11 different studies found that for every three cups of tea consumed per day, the relative risk of depression decreased 37 percent.

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Now you know how a New Year’s Teatox can improve your day-to-day health, let’s dive into long term benefits of your new tea-drinking lifestyle. The strongest evidence of tea benefits lie in its power over your heart health. This power is associated with the concentration of tea polyphenols, especially the catechins, which are potent antimicrobial and antioxidant agents, with positive effects on human health. These antioxidants are found in all teas made of camellia sinensis, with green and white teas providing the highest free-radical savaging activity.

Research into the intake of tea and heart health has reported a decreased risk of heart attacks in subjects who regularly drink tea. A study published in 2016 found individuals who drank one to three cups of green tea a day observed a 20 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack and a 35 percent reduced risk of stroke. Additionally, drinking fermented teas, (like black, oolong, or pu-erh,) is associated with lower total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, as well as higher HDL levels (the “good” cholesterol.)

Camelia Senensis (tea) has also been found to improve heart health, reduce risks of diseases and even treat the common cold. Perhaps most remarkable are suggestions that green tea can aid in the prevention of cancer due to the catechins, (a type of antioxidant,) found in every cup.

Researchers around the world continue to explore the medicinal properties of this wonderful plant, regularly publishing new findings about its potential to sustain good health.

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