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Meals that Heal: Heal Yourself with Food

Meals that Heal truly emphasizes the incredible healing powers of clean, wholesome food. We sat down with Lynne Smith, a Jacksonville local, to learn about her experience with Meals that Heal. She started the program in an effort to control the uncomfortable symptoms associated with her autoimmune disorder. Read on to get her take on what worked for her and what results she has experienced.

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Worried About an Aging Parent’s Health? Here’s How to Bring It Up

We all want our parents to age well in good physical and mental health. After all, healthy parents are around to watch us graduate and get married, bond with grandkids, and celebrate family holidays for years to come.

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness During Retirement

Staying healthy is key to staying in control of your life as a senior. Achieving good health, however, can often be trickier than it seems. There are many conflicting facts and confusing fads to sort through, but often the simplest advice, like the tips below, can have the greatest impact on your health and allow you to age better, live longer and feel happier.

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Vegan-Friendly Summer Foods

When summer adventure awaits, stock up on fresh and nutritious eats at  House of Leaf & Bean before you set off on your sunny activities. With healthy snacks and refreshing cold beverages, we have everything you need to enjoy a day in the sun.

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Meals that Heal: Real Food, Real Changes

We just wrapped up our pilot program for Meals that Heal, and are excited to share the results with you! A healthy meal program designed for individuals looking for convenient ways to eat green and feel great, Meals that Heal was developed by Wen Raiti, owner of Leaf & Bean, and Heather Borders at the Kailo Nutrition.

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The Power of Sustainable Eating

Could what you have for dinner save the planet? The short answer is yes.

While plant-based diets are often associated with wellness for your body, eating your greens can actually help the health of our planet as well.

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Nourishing the Community and Planet

Earth Day is just around the corner, giving House of Leaf and Bean cause for celebration in April. Every day, our goal to provide a quality dining experience parallels our mission to take care of the earth we call home. Our unique menu, rooted in plant-based proteins, is committed to using fresh organic ingredients to help reduce our carbon foot-print on the planet.

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Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Jacksonville!

With chubby faces and big ears, pigs represent wealth and good fortune in Chinese tradition. In 2019, the Chinese New Year brings the Year of the Pig with Earth as the corresponding element. The Year of the Earth Pig heralds a prosperous and rewarding year, with a cautionary to remain realistic and level-headed as you journey through 2019.

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