Dragon Well Tea

One of the finest tea varieties since the Ming Dynasty

Dragon Well or "Lóngjǐng" tea has been recognized as one of the finest tea varieties since the Míng Dynasty. In the Qīng Dynasty it was made the official court tea by the Qiánlóng Emperor.  Our Dragon Well tea is grown on Fēngwù Mountain at the end of a long, winding valley south of Hángzhōu, on a beautiful tea farm owned and operated by a seventh-generation organic tea farming family.  The leaves are carefully selected and processed by hand, dried in bamboo baskets in the shade, and then begin the roasting process immediately after to prevent oxidation.  Dragon Well is hand roasted by a trained tea master using a variety of movements and techniques to imbue a nutty roast with a lush flavor and smooth taste.  The tea will be repeatedly roasted, cooled, inspected, and returned to the wok in a succession of roasts until the tea master is satisfied the desired condition has been achieved.