Receive a Free Pot of Tea with an Order of a Dozen Dumplings!


House of Leaf & Bean owner Wen Raiti creates a twist on traditional Chinese dumplings in Jacksonville. A fusion of Chinese and Polish influences, along with vegan options, makes these dumplings unique as they are delicious. 

To celebrate the fall season, this October enjoy a *free pot of organic green or black tea (serves 2-3) with your purchase of a dozen dumplings (chicken or vegan).

*(Must dine-in to receive complimentary pot of tea.

Order Up:
Your choice of chicken (contains organic tofu) or Vegan (homemade organic tofu + organic mushrooms).

The Details are in the Dumplings:
A major food staple in Northern China, dumplings have a history of more than 1,800 years. These delicious bites of goodness were originally created to help cure illness, and were invented by Zhang Zhongjing, one of the most famous practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine in ancient China.

On particularly cold winter, febrile disease became an epidemic, with many people suffering from fever. Zhang Zhongjing was determined to fight against this epidemic that affected his village, and created the first dumplings. Following boiling, he fed the ear-shaped food to his patients, who received “two ears and a bowl of hot soup”. The new food soon brought the epidemic to a close. 

A New Jacksonville Dumpling Tradition:
A combination of Wen's Chinese background and her husband Jon's Polish background has created a family fusion recipe unique to Jacksonville. 

"I incorporate the traditional way of making Chinese dumplings with Jon's Polish family background. This creates a mixed tradition since pierogi are pan-fried with onions. I now make dumplings with onions, which add a delicious, unique flavor."

Wen's dumplings have been a favorite at her dinners, pot-lucks, and special events. Kids and their parents love them. Usually it was the first dish to be completely finished.

"Every time our son's school has events or we need to share food they always request our dumplings," said Wen. 

Check out the full menu and order now to enjoy fresh made dumplings & free pot of organic green or black hand-picked tea! 

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